Voices of the Indefinite

Voices of the indefinite refers to complexities of urban environments. Particularly to the problems around to abundance of information and possible paths to follow, which can cause uncertainly towards ones individual. Being under the pressure of the feeling of uncertainty in the system of communicative networks, photographer Johann Kööp has taken on the issue from the angle of contemporary fashion photography. Trying to express his discomfort towards the metropolitan system, which has seemingly been increasing in light of recent environmental issues. The system designed to keep us comfortable and happy is turning against us. The feeling of being trapped persists, bringing in a sense of hopelessness to the series.

Photography & Style: Johann Kööp

Model: Ivor / @ivor.mikker


MUA: Anna Murulauk / @annamurulauk

Red Jacket: Karl Christoph Rebane / @karlchristophrebane