Reflection of Our Space

There are so many possible sources of influence in an urban environment, one
might wonder if our individual is rather a reflection of the space. The urban
sphere constantly imposes expectations and sets of social rules. It could be
perceived as a set of limitations, but it could also communicate seemingly
endless potential. ‘Reflection of Our Space’ explores a playful mix of the two.
Learning from the various perceived limitations to achieve a state of peace and
happiness. However, the seemingly successful path to comfortable living is
always interrupted by the same reflection that once fuelled it.

Photographer & Set Designer: Johann Kööp / @kanaliha

Fashion Stylist: Paulina Wasążnik / @mydstylist

MUA & Hair: Marta Płatkowska /

Model: Nordi / @nordi.s

Model Agency: ECManagement / @ecmanagement

Published in KALTBLUT