‘Product Personality Cycle’ is looking at the cycles of consumption being driven
by brand personality and brand identity. Building on ideas of community and
commodification coming closer together through a feedback loop, there is a
cycle becoming apparent through advertising. It constitutes reusing and
recycling ideas and images. This loop of imagery also has the potential to
generate predictable consumer behaviour, which makes us underestimate
brand presence in our lives. Much more than that, it makes us blind towards
the reflections of society that can be used as base for marketing strategies by

While these bold ideas of repetition might remain in the realms of hypothesis,
it is through Kööp’s images that they are brought to life, ultimately stopping
the process at work and actualising the cycle. These extreme and unusual
depictions of consumerism are driven by the imagining of limitless cycle of
branding and rebranding. It is a state where all control has been removed from
the consumers and product personality has replaced brand personality. By this
the series of photographs suggests a dystopia based on a lack of individual
ideas and the commodification of emotions.