Social Gathering

An isolated exhibition in my kitchen

As we’re all stuck in our houses, we are facing an unprecedented time in our lives. Being challenged by isolation is not necessarily a bad thing, approaching it in the right way can grow us as people and strengthen or ability to find creative solutions. The photographs seen in the exhibition are works of Maya Golishkina, Kertin Vasser, and Sandijs Ruluks; 3 artists from different countries and different backgrounds. Through the photographs I bring to you different ways to approach and deal with isolation, especially as something that is merely relating to the events of 2020.

I invite you to join us for the opening this Friday 5pm through Instagram live, which will be the only way to see the event. Let’s form a social gathering in isolation, let’s get to know each other more in these difficult times.


All times are  in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

5:00 pm  -  gathering

5:10 pm  -  opening talk + introductions and tour

5:20 pm  -  Kertin Vasser joins the live for questions

5:35 pm  -  Sandijs Ruluks joins the live for questions

5:50 pm  -  Maya Golishkina joins the live

6:05 pm  -  Opportunity for audience to join live + final tours

6:20 pm  -  End of stream (expected)