Embracing bold colours and sculptural forms, Johann Kööp’s and Gina Grünwald’s styles come together in a vibrant and playful way. Working around upcycling and repurposing materials, there is a sense of excess communicated through the vibrancy of it all. The set design also heavily relies on discarded material and easily accessible resources.

Through this DIY and spirited approach, the series explores life as a playground to endlessly explore. In a materializing world, it can appear that we can’t live without things. With the theatrical ambience of the series we invite the decontextualized materials to have their part of the show, knowing that there is a parallel universe where they went to live a completely different reality. It results in a variety of colours and patterns clashing together in a surreal way. Having both come to London from outside of the UK, it’s a look back on our creative journey and our own identity development.

       Creative Direction: Johann Kööp & Gina Grünwald /  @kanaliha & @ginagrnw 

       Production & casting: Gina Grünwald /  @ginagrnw 

       Photography & set design: Johann Kööp /  @kanaliha 


       Maddy /  @artschoolcliche 

       Ari / @maggot.brains 

      Hannes /  @hannelicious_ 

       Naomi /  @nay_rays 


       Stylist: Kayal Tamira /  @kayaltamira

       Hair: Marta Martineau /  @marta.martineau

       MUA: David Gillers /  @jnx_mua

       Nails: Kezia Leah /  @nailoccutlist

       Photo & set assistant: Pasika Kavanna /  @laaglace

       Bts photo: Gigi Colagrossi /  @gicolagrossi


       LOCATION: Aseptic Studios