Memory Replacement

How linked are home and memory. When it comes to the perception of childhood it is argued to be an essential element. Looking back at the first 6 years of my life, which I spent in a soviet apartment, it’s hard to come to anything specific. Through those hazy distant memories it’s hard to piece together a clear image. I’ve heard stories from my parents that I thought I should clearly remember, but very few of them have sounded familiar. For this project I found use for an empty old soviet apartment in Tallinn, the similar look of them is rather fascinating to me. I could spot familiar elements here and there, but deep down I know it was very different. With the help of vintage clothing, the empty apartment becomes a space for new fictional memories to be generated. Essentially meaningless, they only live through the images, and through the photographer, who has never experienced the apartment in any other way. In this way, these images could very well reflect the stories of my early childhood, but by not being attached to anything specific, they stay afloat in my mind as a new memory, as something that represents the inacessibility of the past.

Photography and styling : Johann Kööp 

MUAH: Regina Tagger / .com

Model: Elina Rososhenko