Hardwear: the first jewellery collection made out of scooter frames

Bolt x Tanel Veenre

Bolt teamed up with Tanel Veenre, an Estonian designer with a signature style of whimsical, playful creations. His work has been exhibited in more than 300 solo and group exhibitions around the world. He has been awarded at London Fashion Week and is the recipient of the Golden Needle, Golden Egg, and Estonian Cultural Awards, as well as the Kristjan Raud prize.

Hardwear is the world’s first collection of jewellery made out of scooter frames.

They’re available in five colourways (green, purple, blue, white metal, and black) and a range of different finishes. The upcycling process preserved and enhanced the qualities of our scooters, making the collection:

  • Ultra-lightweight. Aluminium is four times lighter than silver, making it the perfect material for everyday jewellery. The 001 model earrings weigh just five grams, while the largest 003 model bracelet weighs only 13 grams.

  • Ultra-durable. Made of aircraft-grade, heat-treated aluminium, the pieces will remain intact even under the harshest weather conditions. They’re also resistant to tarnishing and rust.

  • Reflective. Coated with reflective dust, selected pieces of the collection become reflective at night. This allows for extra visibility, whether on the pavement or the dance floor.

Photography : Johann Kööp
Jewelry Designer : Tanel Veenre
Style : Liisi Eesmaa
Hair & MUA : Gerda Miller
Models : Mia Moore, Lisa Maria Ojavere, Sander Rajamäe
Production: Kerttu Keermaa
DP: Alexandr Kovaljonok
1st AC : Andrey Kulpin
1st AC assistant : Swapnil Domade
Gaffer : Hendrik Saks